Wooden Ganesha Statue on Lotus Base – Amazing Variant of Handicrafts in India


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There are various arts flourished in Indian culture. New arts were introduced with the development of different civilizations. Some of these are already vanished and some are prospering till date. Sculpture is one of the oldest arts, which is flourishing still today. To keep it survive this long, various kings contributed a lot. In their kingdoms, there lived various craftsmen with different skills. They used to manufacture excellent artwork and get heavy reward from kings. With the time being passed, this art gained popularity and has become integral part of handicrafts in India.

There are various raw materials such as wood, clay, marble, stone, and metal used in producing various sculptures. Stone has been used as raw material in producing these for a long time. Remaining materials came in trend with improvement in carving skills. Today, various Indian handicraft manufacturers keep a team of skilled craftsmen to manufacture and sell sculptures in both national and international market. These sculptures are inspired by different subjects and nature, god, birds, and animals are the most popular among these. Since keeping and worshiping god’s idols have been integral part of our traditions, so these have huge demand among handicrafts in India. These days wooden Ganesha statue on Lotus Base is popular.

handicrafts in India

This statue is a wonderful product in the catalog of handicrafts in India. It is entirely handmade and crafted from high quality cedar wood. There is Lord Ganesha sitting on beautifully carved lotus base. In this statue, Lord Ganesha has four arms and his trunk is upon sweet. His vehicle rat is sitting at left side. Its wonderful buffing polish and smooth carving make it beautiful wood craft. You can use this sculpture for wedding and interior decoration. It is also a special gift to present on a festive occasion and anniversary. This product is available in 10” height.

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Wooden Owl Statue – Amazing Product from Prominent Indian Handicraft Manufacturer


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Sculpture art is known as one of the oldest arts in the history of mankind. It has also been an inseparable part of handicrafts in India. Some ancient sculptures can be seen in monuments and temples. Their amazing artworks make people astonished. In ancient time, various kings were art lover. This art thrived at that time. Various craftsmen used their skills for crafting different sculptures. Kings used to purchase these and give high reward to them. Those skills are being transferred from one generation to another. Various Indian handicrafts manufacturers hire skilled craftsmen and sell sculptures in global market.

These sculptures are manufactured from wood and marble, but the wooden ones are used widely for decorative purpose. These are inspired from different subjects. Animals, birds, and gods are the most favorite subjects for these. To make these wonderful and beautiful, there are various wood carving techniques used in these. With availability of different types of woods and carving techniques in India, variations are found in design and quality of these. Wooden owl statue is a wonderful variant among these.  According to prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer, it has huge demand nowadays.

wooden elephant

In this statue, owl is sitting on a branch of tree. It has fine intricate artwork which makes it look marvelous. A single piece of wood is used in it. There is superfine undercut work done in it by skilled craftsmen. When you will look at this statue, you will find another owl inside it crafted near legs. There are more owls crafted under its legs. This statue is available in 10” height at Indian Crafts. It is one of the best decorative pieces for living room. Its eye-catching look will make anyone astounded. You can also present this as a gift for close family members and friends at different occasions.

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Wooden Elephant with Fine Undercut – A Masterpiece in Wood Carving Work


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Handicrafts, as name implies, are products made by hand. These handicrafts are made using different raw materials such as wood, marble, clay, and metals etcetera. The handicrafts in India are popular worldwide for their distinct and elegant beauty. These have high utilitarian value and are used mostly for decoration and quotidian purposes. Since wood has been an inseparable part of human life, therefore handicrafts made of wood are also widely used. To create these elegant handicrafts, various wood carving techniques are employed. With variance in climate and culture of India, different carving techniques were developed.

Those wood carving techniques are getting reformed over the time. All these techniques are unique in their styles. Some of these techniques have mastered in creating awesome wood crafts. These crafts are widely used for decoration purpose. Such crafts have huge demands in international market. Among these crafts, wooden elephants are always being popular. These elephants have wonderful carvings which reflect skills of Indian craftsmen. Since elephant gives royal look and it is a symbol of magnificence, therefore wooden elephant is always being one of the most popular for gifting purpose. There are different and popular varieties of these elephants found in Indian market and one with fine undercut work is getting huge demand these days.

wooden elephants

This wooden elephant has fine undercut wood carving. This elephant figurine is produced by skilled craftsmen. Good quality wooden materials are used in this wood craft. Amazing fine undercut work will give traditional royal touch to your living room. Its distinct design and shape make everyone go amazed. Guests will admire you for it surely. This elephant is available in 8” size at prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer. This elephant is not just a statue but a masterpiece in wood carving. You can put this piece in your showcase, or office table.

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Relief Wood Carving – Technique for Creating Sculpture on Flat Wood


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The handicrafts in India come with intricate patterns and designs making these items popular and highly demanded worldwide. Because of variegated culture and climate, there are various carving techniques were developed here. These techniques are used in carving different handicrafts. Among the major carving techniques, wood carving technique is famous one. There are variants of this technique such as whittling, relief carving, chip carving, and round carving. Among all these variants, relief carving is unique one since it is used in carving sculpture leaving wood’s back flat instead of carving a whole sculpture from wood.

wood carving
In relief wood carving, first a sketch of sculpture drawn with a marking tool. After that proper cuts are made using different knives. In start, there comes difficulty to carve these patterns where lines intersect. In this case, stop cuts are very useful. This kind of cut also helps in creating different layers of wood craft. There are two types of relief carving: high and low. In low carving, edges of one carved area are sloped down to next intersection level. This carving gives a shallow look to entire carved surface. The high relief carving gives more depth effect in wood. In this carving, undercuts are made to conceal different individual works. This carving is mostly used in modern context.

wood craft
When you apply relief wood carving technique, use a depth gauge to measure height. In this way, you will know exact amount of wood to be removed. In the end, you may need to smooth or sand wooden handicrafts depending on the wood type. To make your work more deep, use some shadow effects. Remember, you must understand the grain pattern of wood for effectiveness and elegance.

Well, relief wood carving is widely used by many wooden handicrafts suppliers for making intricate patterns on flat wood. It will be typical to learn at start, but proper techniques and tools will help you in carving beautiful patterns there.

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Generally Used Wood Carving Tools – Guidance for Beginners


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Wood is probably part of human life since primeval time. It has been used in daily life for different purposes. Still today, wood is an integral part of human life. In India, various handmade objects have been produced using wood, known as wooden handicrafts, from ancient time. These handicrafts come with unique and elegant designs. The techniques used in these handicrafts vary with regions since there is diversity in culture of India. These techniques are distinct in their styles and use of different tools for wood carving. Here are general categories of these tools about which a beginner must know.

wooden Handicrafts
A chip carving knife is the most basic tool for wood carving. This tool has an inch and half long blade attached with a long handle which provides comfort to hand at the time of carving wood craft. You should purchase a quality one. Most knives are made of high carbon steel, so these do not get worn quickly than lower quality one. This tool is used for cutting the triangle shape from wood in order to make a proper pattern.

wood carving

The gouges are curved tools used in wood carving. These tools can dig out a piece of wood depending upon its shape. These tools come in various shapes such as U-Gouge, V-Gouge, and Spoon Gouge et cetera. These also come in different types which are used for different purposes such as shaping, carving, and surface smoothing. Chisels are also one of the significant tools which are used in wood carving. Chisels are generally used with mallet. Chisel is a long blade tool that is used on tough projects. This tool is also used in marble handicrafts.

wood craft

Well, these tools are the mostly used tools in wood carving. The wooden handicrafts suppliers use those tools for quality handicrafts. a beginner must learn about proper techniques of using such tools.

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Present Wooden Handicrafts as Gift to Loved One


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Gift is a particular object that is presented to someone for either expressing gratitude or wishing someone well without expecting something in return. Gifts do not need any particular occasion. When civilization came into existence, this tradition of gift giving was started since then. If gifts are for loved ones, then a handmade gifts are much better. When it comes to select perfect and useful gift, handicrafts are good choices. These handicrafts come with elegant designs. The handicrafts in India are available in different varieties which all have different purposes. These handicrafts are made of different materials and wood is mostly used.

wooden handicrafts
Wood is used for different purposes in different cultures. It has been an integral part of daily life for a long time. It is also used in producing handicraft items. These wooden handicrafts can be used either for decoration or utensil purpose. A raw wood is chipped and crafted to make a master piece.  Wood from Teak, Sal, Rosewood, mango wood, Ebony and Acacia are highly used for producing handicrafts in India. When wood is crafted in particular shape, a design with natural color is made on it. Rosewood is most pliable wood therefore it is used in tough and sustainable wood craft.

The handicrafts items can be presented to anyone for any occasion. There are various wooden handicrafts items such as pen holder, spoon, bowl, clock and lamp which can be used as corporate gift. Indian handicraft manufacturers provide you customization facility also. You can have handicraft item as your choice. They have skilled craftsmen in their group according to experience and knowledge. You can also present wooden elephants, one of the famous handicrafts in Jaipur, as gift which represent as a symbol of power.

Well, you can find various choices available for gifts, but purchase a gift that is according to occasion and can reflect your feelings toward receiver.

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Importance of Saharanpur in Indian Handicrafts


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Indian handicrafts are gaining huge popularity day by day. They are popular for elegant design and technique used to craft them. Handicrafts in India have been in tradition since ancient time. India had its golden period from 3000 B.C. to 1700 B.C. when Indus valley handicrafts were at norm. These handicrafts are crafted using various hand tools. Marbles and woods are used as raw material in producing such handicrafts. Those raw materials are crafted in beautiful objects which can be used in decoration and daily work.


Handicrafts in India have revolved culturally, ethically and religiously. There are many cities which are famous for their uniqueness in handicrafts. Saharanpur is counted in top cities for Indian handicrafts. Saharanpur is one of the great cities of Uttar Pradesh. Here many mughal emperors ruled and they promoted art of handicrafts. Handicrafts in India thrived in that time. There are many craftsmen live in Saharanpur. They got skill of crafting handicrafts from their ancestors. Saharanpur is known for its beautifully designed wooden handicrafts.

Other than wood crafts Saharanpur is also famous for marble handicrafts. Mughal promoted these handicrafts items time to time. Craftsmen from Saharanpur come to Delhi haatt or craft market to sell their own designed Indian handicrafts. These craftsmen do also craft on customer demand. So you can have your own specified handicrafts design. In India, these handicrafts are associated with daily life of each individual citizen of it.


Wood carving is done beautifully by craftsmen of Saharanpur. Wood from Rosewood, Teak, Sal and ebony is used in crafting these Indian handicrafts. Those craftsmen use traditional hand tool to make useful objects from raw wood. There is no machine used in creating these handicrafts. This competency of creating such objects is passed through generations. Candle sticks, folding chairs, rocking horse are some of the famous wooden handicrafts made in Saharanpur.

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Caricature Wooden Handicrafts – Very Difficult to Craft


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Working with wood is a very common and very popular process having high popularity throughout the world among people. There are several purposes of wood carving for which several people are found interested in carving and crafting. One of those purposes is to decorate the places and bringing a traditional appearance there. There are several artisans having expertise in making handicrafts of different types. Caricature is one of the highly popular art types of making wooden handicrafts. There are several artisans taking this art to heights by availing beautiful creations regularly.

Wooden Handicrafts
Caricature wooden handicrafts are very popular everywhere and these are simply exaggerated structures of any person. It is not a simple kind of carving and almost all wood workers face difficulties in that. Carving wooden caricatures of real people is entailed very rarely because of the difficulties associated. The actual origin of this art is not known to anyone perfectly, but still it is suspected that this art of making wood craft was originated in Scandinavian countries particularly in Sweden before many years.

It is suspected because several examples of wooden handicrafts of such types other caricatures are found in Scandinavia museums and other collections. Other than this some expert wood carvers from Scandinavia are also found migrated in U.S. in 1990.  Several wooden handicrafts suppliers make and avail such type of creations all around the world.

Wooden Handicrafts Suppliers
This style of wood working is in high fashion everywhere, because of the people loving these structures. These types of wooden structures are very difficult to make, but are very much attractive and amazing to look at. Some other great looking and highly amazing wooden handicrafts can be found over web easily.  One of the online stores to find beautiful wood craft can be found at http://www.handicraftsinindia.in/wooden-handicrafts

Craftsmen Use Great Visualization Skills to Make Handicrafts in Jaipur


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Crafting is very popular everywhere among people for several purposes. Decoration is the most important and most used purpose of using different types of craft items. Handicrafts in Jaipur, India are the most loved types of crafts, having high popularity among people throughout the world. There are several award winning craftsmen in Jaipur, working day and night to make highly attractive, unique and beautiful handicrafts. These handicrafts India are not only bought locally, but are exported to other countries as well.

Handicrafts in JaipurThere are several aspects of crafting, and having perfection in those all aspects ensures making special handicrafts in India. According to handicrafts exporters in Jaipur, vision is the most important aspect of making handicrafts, because it allows achieving the desired beauty and uniqueness. Envisioning the desired structure or handicraft prior processing the work is very important.  The craftsmen must be able to visualize the desired project in a block of wood, to achieve perfection. Handicrafts in Jaipur come with that type of perfection and beauty.

According to crafting experts, the ability to visualize the desires is more important than any other quality in craftsmen. It can be achieved by practicing a lot and anyone can reach to that level of visualization by practice. Several people making handicrafts in Jaipur visualize their project in meditation. Several craftsmen have helped themselves achieving great success in visualizing their desired handicrafts in India, before start working on that.

Handicrafts in IndiaThe skills of visualization can be improved by practicing more and more. Every Indian handicraft manufacturer begins with a starting level where the visualization is not up to that demanded level, but practicing a lot allows achieving it. People making handicrafts in Jaipur, can achieve this by giving thoughts to their desired project as well. It is not about passing the thoughts, but to collect pictures, making sketches and other efforts can work. These all tasks help achieving expertise and improvement is visualizing skills for making handicrafts in India.

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