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Crafts are a vital part of Indian rich Culture and they will play a key role in Economic and Cultural welfare of India continuously. India has a very rich craft tradition, renowned by mixed art history and great aesthetics. Difficult patterns, designs, painfully crafted monuments, sculptures and temples, all are superb masterpieces of craftsmanship. Indian patterns and crafts were mostly the representations of daily living, socio conditions and palaces and court scenes. Today, handicrafts are flourishing in India due to its rich diversity and cultural heritage. Indian handicrafts range from wooden stones, metals, glass, bamboo, marble, cane, clay, textiles, marble painting and terracotta ceramics.

Wooden Handicrafts

Most of its creation is exported to diverse countries. Most popular items famous as handicrafts in India are brass ware, ceramic pots, vases, candle stand, pen holder, Christmas items, and other paper products. Different states in India such as Tripura, north eastern Manipur, Rajasthan, Kashmir, the southern part, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu are popular for their handicraft collection. Every state offers a wide variety of handicrafts, with their own identity. These items represent high quality craftsmanship. The metal handicrafts metals are also quite famous such as iron, gold, silver, white metal, semi-precious stones and sand stones carved and embossed with beautiful designs. Occasionally handicraft exhibitions and trades are organized for the handicraft lovers across the world.

indian handicrafts

Indian Crafts and Age of each and every age reflect the traditions, culture, and happening of that specific era. There is a huge demand for the Indian Crafts Products both in international and domestic market. Big part of this Crafts Industry is greatly dominated by medium & small scale enterprises. In order to deliver high quality products and match the demands & supply of the market, there is a need of great innovativeness and technological support in this industry.