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Indian wood crafts are the inspirations for carvers across the world. As wood is the most commonly used and demanded items, artists involved in this profession have always held a high position in the society. They create various utilitarian and decorative objects from wood by using their proficiencies, attracting natives as well as international visitors. This art is influenced by different cultures. That is why you will find different kinds of crafts in different regions. Among these, Gujarat is famous for its unique Kutch lacquer work.

Wooden handicraftsKutch lacquer work is an illustration of zigzag patterns of different colors. In this art, waves of different colors are created, mingling into each other and converting the simplest wood crafts into exquisite and beautiful artworks. The forms and techniques of these crafts are similar to Sindh art, but its design patterns differ. Sindh artists have been using bold patterns and solid shades to represent aspects of different communities, whereas Kutch artists have left the traditional patterns behind and started using abstract ones. In the beginning, wooden handicrafts of this area were popular among local citizens, but with the help of government, these are demanded worldwide.

wood craftTraditionally, artists of local area obtain lac from insects founded in the forests. Later, when resources started to get reduced, they began to collect and prepare lac from some sorts of trees. Nowadays, they purchase it from the market. They are migrants of the Sindh area where this lacquer work was originated. That is why you can find some similarity between the artworks of Sindh and Kutch areas. Whether it is rolling dough, cabinets, chests, window panel, or thread wrapper, artists of Kutch region can varnish every wooden object using their skills and imagination. This artwork is commonly found in and surrounding villages of Nirona and Bhirandiayara.

Well, this is a short introduction of Kutch lacquer work. You can avail wooden objects having this work to enhance the beauty of your living place.

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