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Painting has been an inseparable part of the Indian art culture. Exquisite wall paintings of Ajanta and Ellore are the testimonials of the richness of this art. It has evolved with time and become a blend of different traditions. That is why one can see its various forms. Today, it is appreciated and demanded everywhere and Indian handicraft manufacturers can be seen selling it to fulfill the requirements. Jadupatua painting is a popular form of this art that is done on cloth and paper.

Indian handicraftsJadupatua painting is a kind of vertical scroll paintings that was initially done on cloth, but now, paper is used. For its exquisite style, it holds a unique place among famous Indian handicrafts. It was originated in West Bengal and is popular in some cities of this state and Bihar from ancient time. Scroll used in this painting is made of sheets of paper which are glued together. Later, a piece of old cloth is sewn at the both ends of this scroll to protect paper. Two piece of bamboo is inserted at both ends and a string is used to bind this roll. This painting was named after the Hindu caste Jadupatua who were used to prepare it.

Colors used to paint this variety of Indian handicrafts are produced using vegetables and minerals. Artists use vermilion for red, soot for black, mud for the reddish brown. Brush used in the paintings is made of goat’s hair. Despite the limited availability of the colors, Jadupatua paintings depict wide assortments of expressions. The figures represented in these are depicted in wavy line linking to forehead, nose, and chins. The horizontal forms of this art are still manufactured in Rajasthan while vertical forms are manufactured in west Bengal. These paintings are manufactured to illustrate scenes from Ramayana and Bhaagvata Purana.

Well, this is a short description of Jadupatua painting that is a wonderful variety of Indian handicrafts.

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