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Wood carving has been in Indian traditions for years and is one of the most favorite hobbies of artisans across the globe. They use different types of tools and techniques to manufacture beautiful products. This art has evolved over thousands of years and created wonderful crafts making people go amazed. It requires a lot of practice to bring perfection. While carving a wood craft, it is essential to give it a perfect finishing look and you can use different coloring agents, stains, or oil for this purpose.

wood craftYou will find different types of coloring agents, but aniline dyes, oil-gel stains and acrylic wash are prominently used to give finishing to wood craft. The major difference between the stains and dyes is the color. Many stains look muddy and leave color tinctures on the surface, but dyes goes into the fibers of wood. These insist on the design of the product instead of concealing it and aniline dye can color the surface more uniformly than the pigment stains. It also gives a perfect finishing to highly porous areas. Since it is available at inexpensive cost and gives the sparkling color effect, many carvers use it for perfect finishing.

wood carvingAniline dye is available in various colors and sold generally as dry powder. It can dissolve in water, alcohol, and any petroleum solvents, but the water-soluble dyes are prominently used as these can be applied easily on the surface of wood craft. To make the mixture of aniline dye, liquefy the powder in hot water and stir it like coffee. For an ideal solution, you should use twenty eight grams for 950 ml water. You can make a mixture of lighter or darker color by adding or reducing the quantity of water.

Well, carving is not sufficient in creating wonderful crafts, but it is also essential to give the perfect finishing. For this purpose, you may use the aniline dyes.

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