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There has been a distinct culture development in each Indian era. With advancement in culture, various art forms are originated and evolving continuously over thousands of years. Among these, the Indian handicraft is the most famous which existence is present in different aspects of our lives. It is used for decoration purpose and utilitarian needs. This art has evolved around the different religious values, needs of the rulers and common people. They used to utilize their leisure time to create some artworks, including jewelry, pottery, sculpture, and many more. As time passed, they took this art as their profession. Thus, the art of handicrafts in India was developed.

handicrafts in IndiaThe art of handicrafts in India has stood firmly against foreign invasions and it continued to flourish till date. Its various forms have originated in different eras. Its first reference is found in the Indus valley civilization. According to a prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer, this civilization had great excellence in the fields of sculpture, pottery, weaving, jewelry, wood craft, and many more. Craftsmen of this era not only manufactured handicrafts to serve the local needs, but also sold these overseas.

Indian handicrafts

In the Maurya era, there was a significant development in the sculpture art. In this age, it is said that over 84000 “stupas” were manufactured, which have beautiful stone carving and relief work. During the Kushana period, jewelry, textile making, leather products, sculpture, metal handicrafts were the main products which have foreign influences and are manufactured according to local culture. Later, Gupta age has witnessed the rapid development in the field of handicrafts.

In the medieval period, different handicraft’s fields such as wood carving, metalworking, and jewelry making flourished. Later, Mughal introduced inlay work, carpet weaving, and glass engraving. Thus, the handicrafts in India have prospered in different eras according to erstwhile culture and technique.

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