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Indian handicrafts are popular worldwide for their distinct work and used by many people for various purposes. Various proficient craftsmen use their skills to manufacture unique artworks from different materials such as wood, clay, metal, marble, stone, paper, and many more. Among the various artworks, the metal handicrafts in India are popular for their enamel work. That is why these have huge demand in both domestic and international markets. For their manufacturing, gold, silver, brass and copper are prominently used. This work is known to be one of the oldest Indian arts.

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Enamel work is considered to be exquisite metal handicrafts in India. It is an art of coloring and ornamenting the outside of the metal by fusing it over various mineral objects. There are three forms of enameling followed. In the first one, the enamel is applied to surface. In the second form, a design is carved upon Indian Metal handicraft and then, transparent enamel is laid out in it. In the last one, decorative enamel is added to outlay or inlay. The first two are modern forms, whereas last form is the very old..

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The last form of enamel is available in two varieties, the cloisonné and the champlevé. In the cloisonné, a decorative pattern is selected and then, various thin strips of metal are twisted and rounded following this pattern. After that, these are soldered to the surface of metal handicrafts in India. During this process, miniature walls are formed, creating small cells between them. These cells are filled with enamel and fused. To add elegance, polishing is done. Champlevé form is opposite of cloisonné. Instead of forming cells, the metal surface is grooved to make channels and troughs which are separated by small edge. These are filled with enamel and fused. According to a prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer, Lucknow, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Varanasi are the famous cities for enamel work.

Well, these are some forms of enamel work which are prominently used for metal handicrafts in India.

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