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Handicrafts in India come in different varieties with unique carving and designs. There are different carving techniques found in each state, which are influenced by the local culture and availability of material. Among various Indian states, Rajasthan has a huge contribution in the prosperity of handcrafted items. It is not only known for its great architectural monuments, but also for its handicrafts manufactured by local artisans. These items have been popular among locals for a long time that is why one can explore a wide range of wonderful and colorful handicrafts. Among the various popular arts, Meenakari is huge popular and inseparable part of handicrafts in Jaipur.

handicrafts in JaipurMeenakari is a well renowned art of decorating metal handicrafts in Jaipur with wonderful colors which improve their beauty. This art was admitted by both Muslims and Hindus of this state who liked this in precious handicrafts and jewelry. In old time, gold was widely used in this art, but silver also came in trend later. Since gold is expensive, so copper has become popular. Later, other metals also came in trend. According to a prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer, this art was not much popular because it was generally used in Kundan Jewelry, but later it gained huge popularity when some people looked at its unique designs.

handicrafts in IndiaThere are different types of handicrafts in Jaipur found with different kinds of Meenakari works depending upon type of enamel. The enamel can be opaque, transparent, or translucent. In this art, there are engraved designs made on metal and then color is added to enhance beauty. Later, precious and semiprecious stones of different colors are enameled and then fused to the metal. According to a prominent handicrafts exporter in Jaipur, Raja Man Singh invited a Lahore based artisan who worked with local craftsmen to produce an amalgam named Meenakari. Products with this art are durable and can be used on a daily basis.

Meenakari art is also found in jewelry. Its products have eye-catching design which is why these are huge popular varieties of handicrafts in Jaipur.

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