Artworks are loved by people around the world. These are also used for decoration of home and workplace to enhance charm of room. There are many variants of artworks found in the world and wood craft is one of these. It is widely used by many people and India is prominent country for its manufacturing. Wooden handicrafts made in India are famous worldwide for their aesthetic beauty and traditional look. These represent skills of local artisans and rich Indian traditions. Other than decoration items, craftsmen also manufacture various useful products.

Before starting working on wood craft, it is important to select right type of wood. One has to consider many aspects for this purpose. Every Indian handicraft manufacturer suggests considering grain as a significant aspect. Grain is alignment and appearance of wood fibers and it is easily visible at growth rings. Many suppliers use different types of wood depending upon grain. Basswood, Mahogany, Yellow Cedar, western white pine etcetera are some popular substances having distinct grain pattern.

Wood CraftGrain is always considered important in achieving clean and smooth wood carving cuts. It is always suggested to carve in direction of grain. While working on wood craft, if you feel resistance, it signifies that you are going against grain. When you keep going against grain, edge of it can lift or separate. Many handicrafts suppliers also prefer to work with grain. Doing not so will lead to tiredness, which can further lead to ripping of wood resulting in toothed surface. In this case, you will need to use sand paper for smoothing. If you are beginner, try to carve western white pine to learn working with grain.

Well, grain is a distinctive feature of wood, which is typical to work with. To again perfection in carving wood craft, you should be expert at reading and working with grain pattern.

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