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There are various arts flourished in Indian culture. New arts were introduced with the development of different civilizations. Some of these are already vanished and some are prospering till date. Sculpture is one of the oldest arts, which is flourishing still today. To keep it survive this long, various kings contributed a lot. In their kingdoms, there lived various craftsmen with different skills. They used to manufacture excellent artwork and get heavy reward from kings. With the time being passed, this art gained popularity and has become integral part of handicrafts in India.

There are various raw materials such as wood, clay, marble, stone, and metal used in producing various sculptures. Stone has been used as raw material in producing these for a long time. Remaining materials came in trend with improvement in carving skills. Today, various Indian handicraft manufacturers keep a team of skilled craftsmen to manufacture and sell sculptures in both national and international market. These sculptures are inspired by different subjects and nature, god, birds, and animals are the most popular among these. Since keeping and worshiping god’s idols have been integral part of our traditions, so these have huge demand among handicrafts in India. These days wooden Ganesha statue on Lotus Base is popular.

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This statue is a wonderful product in the catalog of handicrafts in India. It is entirely handmade and crafted from high quality cedar wood. There is Lord Ganesha sitting on beautifully carved lotus base. In this statue, Lord Ganesha has four arms and his trunk is upon sweet. His vehicle rat is sitting at left side. Its wonderful buffing polish and smooth carving make it beautiful wood craft. You can use this sculpture for wedding and interior decoration. It is also a special gift to present on a festive occasion and anniversary. This product is available in 10” height.

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