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Sculpture art is known as one of the oldest arts in the history of mankind. It has also been an inseparable part of handicrafts in India. Some ancient sculptures can be seen in monuments and temples. Their amazing artworks make people astonished. In ancient time, various kings were art lover. This art thrived at that time. Various craftsmen used their skills for crafting different sculptures. Kings used to purchase these and give high reward to them. Those skills are being transferred from one generation to another. Various Indian handicrafts manufacturers hire skilled craftsmen and sell sculptures in global market.

These sculptures are manufactured from wood and marble, but the wooden ones are used widely for decorative purpose. These are inspired from different subjects. Animals, birds, and gods are the most favorite subjects for these. To make these wonderful and beautiful, there are various wood carving techniques used in these. With availability of different types of woods and carving techniques in India, variations are found in design and quality of these. Wooden owl statue is a wonderful variant among these.  According to prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer, it has huge demand nowadays.

wooden elephant

In this statue, owl is sitting on a branch of tree. It has fine intricate artwork which makes it look marvelous. A single piece of wood is used in it. There is superfine undercut work done in it by skilled craftsmen. When you will look at this statue, you will find another owl inside it crafted near legs. There are more owls crafted under its legs. This statue is available in 10” height at Indian Crafts. It is one of the best decorative pieces for living room. Its eye-catching look will make anyone astounded. You can also present this as a gift for close family members and friends at different occasions.

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