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The handicrafts in India come with intricate patterns and designs making these items popular and highly demanded worldwide. Because of variegated culture and climate, there are various carving techniques were developed here. These techniques are used in carving different handicrafts. Among the major carving techniques, wood carving technique is famous one. There are variants of this technique such as whittling, relief carving, chip carving, and round carving. Among all these variants, relief carving is unique one since it is used in carving sculpture leaving wood’s back flat instead of carving a whole sculpture from wood.

wood carving
In relief wood carving, first a sketch of sculpture drawn with a marking tool. After that proper cuts are made using different knives. In start, there comes difficulty to carve these patterns where lines intersect. In this case, stop cuts are very useful. This kind of cut also helps in creating different layers of wood craft. There are two types of relief carving: high and low. In low carving, edges of one carved area are sloped down to next intersection level. This carving gives a shallow look to entire carved surface. The high relief carving gives more depth effect in wood. In this carving, undercuts are made to conceal different individual works. This carving is mostly used in modern context.

wood craft
When you apply relief wood carving technique, use a depth gauge to measure height. In this way, you will know exact amount of wood to be removed. In the end, you may need to smooth or sand wooden handicrafts depending on the wood type. To make your work more deep, use some shadow effects. Remember, you must understand the grain pattern of wood for effectiveness and elegance.

Well, relief wood carving is widely used by many wooden handicrafts suppliers for making intricate patterns on flat wood. It will be typical to learn at start, but proper techniques and tools will help you in carving beautiful patterns there.

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