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Indian handicrafts are gaining huge popularity day by day. They are popular for elegant design and technique used to craft them. Handicrafts in India have been in tradition since ancient time. India had its golden period from 3000 B.C. to 1700 B.C. when Indus valley handicrafts were at norm. These handicrafts are crafted using various hand tools. Marbles and woods are used as raw material in producing such handicrafts. Those raw materials are crafted in beautiful objects which can be used in decoration and daily work.


Handicrafts in India have revolved culturally, ethically and religiously. There are many cities which are famous for their uniqueness in handicrafts. Saharanpur is counted in top cities for Indian handicrafts. Saharanpur is one of the great cities of Uttar Pradesh. Here many mughal emperors ruled and they promoted art of handicrafts. Handicrafts in India thrived in that time. There are many craftsmen live in Saharanpur. They got skill of crafting handicrafts from their ancestors. Saharanpur is known for its beautifully designed wooden handicrafts.

Other than wood crafts Saharanpur is also famous for marble handicrafts. Mughal promoted these handicrafts items time to time. Craftsmen from Saharanpur come to Delhi haatt or craft market to sell their own designed Indian handicrafts. These craftsmen do also craft on customer demand. So you can have your own specified handicrafts design. In India, these handicrafts are associated with daily life of each individual citizen of it.


Wood carving is done beautifully by craftsmen of Saharanpur. Wood from Rosewood, Teak, Sal and ebony is used in crafting these Indian handicrafts. Those craftsmen use traditional hand tool to make useful objects from raw wood. There is no machine used in creating these handicrafts. This competency of creating such objects is passed through generations. Candle sticks, folding chairs, rocking horse are some of the famous wooden handicrafts made in Saharanpur.

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