Scrap Fabric Key Chain – One of the Clever & Useful Handmade Gifts


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Everyone wishes to keep their friends and loving ones happy by any means. Folks leave no stone unturned to maintain the needed smile on their faces and gifting is one of those ways. Offering different types of gifts to the loved ones has been done for years, but the range and variety of gift items have completely modified now. Instead of going with traditional style of visually attractive but useless items, people opt to go for unique handmade gifts nowadays. Latest DIY creations are leading the gift industry now because of their uniqueness, versatility, and elegance. Here we bring one of the trends these days, named fabric scrap key chain to discussion.

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The reasons behind popularity of such handmade gifts include its usefulness, simplicity, ease to craft, attractiveness and others. First of all it is the best way to use different type of fabric scrap which is of no use. Other than this, only a sewing machine and very few other supplies are required to craft these key chains. Only these few items will let you have some very beautiful little gifts in short time. Although because of the popularity and demand in the market, such scrap fabric key chains are offered by many sellers online and offline, but it is always a good option to craft one by your own.

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Some of the basic requirements to craft this beautiful handmade gift include fabric scrap, iron on interfacing, twill tape or grosgrain ribbon, key ring, pinking shears, button, felt, thread, sewing stuff and something to make pattern with. You can do some research online to find some very popular patterns and designs. Different types of patterns and tutorials are available online and accessible to everyone, making it easier to craft unique style gift items at your own.

While talking about some of the considerable points, observe the interests, likes & dislikes, and personality of the person you are gifting to before choosing the patters and design. According to different personalities, different suitable patterns can be selected. So, show your creativity and craft some unique handmade gift for your loved one now.

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Wooden Gift Set – A Beautiful Corporate Gift to Buy Online


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Big bash corporate parties are well popular everywhere around the world. With these parties, the trend and culture also demands for bestowing some return gifts to the invitees. Different gifts options are available online and offline these days, but making the right choice becomes a big overhead for the management team. While several portals are offering corporate gifts online, it is easier now to browse a wide range of items and choose the best one. Here we bring one of the most liked and in demand handmade gifts used in business parties. It is wooden gift set, containing card holder, pen and key chain together.

Corporate Gifts Online

All know about the demand of handcrafted objects these days, because of their beauty. This item is also being preferred in several parties and conferences nowadays because of its easy availability and available stock in market. Many websites, offering corporate gifts online keep wooden gift set in stock always. Other than this the manufacturers also offer customization facility, where company’s name & logo can be engraved over the gift to give it a personalized look.

Corporate Gift


  • Key Chain: Who don’t use keys? Give your guests a nice & beautiful Key Chain to keep their valuable keys safe. This corporate gift consists of a wooden key chain of size 3.5″, which can appear to be very effective add-on for your invitees.
  • Pen: Made of top quality wood in natural shape and having height of 5.5″. This can be a very beautiful gift option for a corporate person for office purpose. Other than its usefulness it also attracts anyone with its beauty.
  • Card Holder: Last, but not the least, a beautiful wooden card holder is also there to hold valuable cards and keep those. It comes in a size of 4″ with natural shape and beauty.

These all are encased in a very beautiful box, perfectly designed to be bestowed like a gift item. All the 3 items in this corporate gift are crafted by expert craftsmen and have natural beauty and shape, catching anyone’s eye at the very first glimpse. Find this gift here and order your customized sample now.

Handicrafts in India – Enclose Rich Craft Tradition


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Crafts are a vital part of Indian rich Culture and they will play a key role in Economic and Cultural welfare of India continuously. India has a very rich craft tradition, renowned by mixed art history and great aesthetics. Difficult patterns, designs, painfully crafted monuments, sculptures and temples, all are superb masterpieces of craftsmanship. Indian patterns and crafts were mostly the representations of daily living, socio conditions and palaces and court scenes. Today, handicrafts are flourishing in India due to its rich diversity and cultural heritage. Indian handicrafts range from wooden stones, metals, glass, bamboo, marble, cane, clay, textiles, marble painting and terracotta ceramics.

Wooden Handicrafts

Most of its creation is exported to diverse countries. Most popular items famous as handicrafts in India are brass ware, ceramic pots, vases, candle stand, pen holder, Christmas items, and other paper products. Different states in India such as Tripura, north eastern Manipur, Rajasthan, Kashmir, the southern part, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu are popular for their handicraft collection. Every state offers a wide variety of handicrafts, with their own identity. These items represent high quality craftsmanship. The metal handicrafts metals are also quite famous such as iron, gold, silver, white metal, semi-precious stones and sand stones carved and embossed with beautiful designs. Occasionally handicraft exhibitions and trades are organized for the handicraft lovers across the world.

indian handicrafts

Indian Crafts and Age of each and every age reflect the traditions, culture, and happening of that specific era. There is a huge demand for the Indian Crafts Products both in international and domestic market. Big part of this Crafts Industry is greatly dominated by medium & small scale enterprises. In order to deliver high quality products and match the demands & supply of the market, there is a need of great innovativeness and technological support in this industry.

Kutch Lacquer Work – Famous for Zigzag Patterns on Wood Crafts


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Indian wood crafts are the inspirations for carvers across the world. As wood is the most commonly used and demanded items, artists involved in this profession have always held a high position in the society. They create various utilitarian and decorative objects from wood by using their proficiencies, attracting natives as well as international visitors. This art is influenced by different cultures. That is why you will find different kinds of crafts in different regions. Among these, Gujarat is famous for its unique Kutch lacquer work.

Wooden handicraftsKutch lacquer work is an illustration of zigzag patterns of different colors. In this art, waves of different colors are created, mingling into each other and converting the simplest wood crafts into exquisite and beautiful artworks. The forms and techniques of these crafts are similar to Sindh art, but its design patterns differ. Sindh artists have been using bold patterns and solid shades to represent aspects of different communities, whereas Kutch artists have left the traditional patterns behind and started using abstract ones. In the beginning, wooden handicrafts of this area were popular among local citizens, but with the help of government, these are demanded worldwide.

wood craftTraditionally, artists of local area obtain lac from insects founded in the forests. Later, when resources started to get reduced, they began to collect and prepare lac from some sorts of trees. Nowadays, they purchase it from the market. They are migrants of the Sindh area where this lacquer work was originated. That is why you can find some similarity between the artworks of Sindh and Kutch areas. Whether it is rolling dough, cabinets, chests, window panel, or thread wrapper, artists of Kutch region can varnish every wooden object using their skills and imagination. This artwork is commonly found in and surrounding villages of Nirona and Bhirandiayara.

Well, this is a short introduction of Kutch lacquer work. You can avail wooden objects having this work to enhance the beauty of your living place.

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Jadupatua Painting – A Popular Form of Indian Paintings


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Painting has been an inseparable part of the Indian art culture. Exquisite wall paintings of Ajanta and Ellore are the testimonials of the richness of this art. It has evolved with time and become a blend of different traditions. That is why one can see its various forms. Today, it is appreciated and demanded everywhere and Indian handicraft manufacturers can be seen selling it to fulfill the requirements. Jadupatua painting is a popular form of this art that is done on cloth and paper.

Indian handicraftsJadupatua painting is a kind of vertical scroll paintings that was initially done on cloth, but now, paper is used. For its exquisite style, it holds a unique place among famous Indian handicrafts. It was originated in West Bengal and is popular in some cities of this state and Bihar from ancient time. Scroll used in this painting is made of sheets of paper which are glued together. Later, a piece of old cloth is sewn at the both ends of this scroll to protect paper. Two piece of bamboo is inserted at both ends and a string is used to bind this roll. This painting was named after the Hindu caste Jadupatua who were used to prepare it.

Colors used to paint this variety of Indian handicrafts are produced using vegetables and minerals. Artists use vermilion for red, soot for black, mud for the reddish brown. Brush used in the paintings is made of goat’s hair. Despite the limited availability of the colors, Jadupatua paintings depict wide assortments of expressions. The figures represented in these are depicted in wavy line linking to forehead, nose, and chins. The horizontal forms of this art are still manufactured in Rajasthan while vertical forms are manufactured in west Bengal. These paintings are manufactured to illustrate scenes from Ramayana and Bhaagvata Purana.

Well, this is a short description of Jadupatua painting that is a wonderful variety of Indian handicrafts.

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Want to Give Perfect Finishing Look to Wood Craft – Use Aniline Dyes


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Wood carving has been in Indian traditions for years and is one of the most favorite hobbies of artisans across the globe. They use different types of tools and techniques to manufacture beautiful products. This art has evolved over thousands of years and created wonderful crafts making people go amazed. It requires a lot of practice to bring perfection. While carving a wood craft, it is essential to give it a perfect finishing look and you can use different coloring agents, stains, or oil for this purpose.

wood craftYou will find different types of coloring agents, but aniline dyes, oil-gel stains and acrylic wash are prominently used to give finishing to wood craft. The major difference between the stains and dyes is the color. Many stains look muddy and leave color tinctures on the surface, but dyes goes into the fibers of wood. These insist on the design of the product instead of concealing it and aniline dye can color the surface more uniformly than the pigment stains. It also gives a perfect finishing to highly porous areas. Since it is available at inexpensive cost and gives the sparkling color effect, many carvers use it for perfect finishing.

wood carvingAniline dye is available in various colors and sold generally as dry powder. It can dissolve in water, alcohol, and any petroleum solvents, but the water-soluble dyes are prominently used as these can be applied easily on the surface of wood craft. To make the mixture of aniline dye, liquefy the powder in hot water and stir it like coffee. For an ideal solution, you should use twenty eight grams for 950 ml water. You can make a mixture of lighter or darker color by adding or reducing the quantity of water.

Well, carving is not sufficient in creating wonderful crafts, but it is also essential to give the perfect finishing. For this purpose, you may use the aniline dyes.

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Handicrafts in India – Evolved over Thousands of Years


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There has been a distinct culture development in each Indian era. With advancement in culture, various art forms are originated and evolving continuously over thousands of years. Among these, the Indian handicraft is the most famous which existence is present in different aspects of our lives. It is used for decoration purpose and utilitarian needs. This art has evolved around the different religious values, needs of the rulers and common people. They used to utilize their leisure time to create some artworks, including jewelry, pottery, sculpture, and many more. As time passed, they took this art as their profession. Thus, the art of handicrafts in India was developed.

handicrafts in IndiaThe art of handicrafts in India has stood firmly against foreign invasions and it continued to flourish till date. Its various forms have originated in different eras. Its first reference is found in the Indus valley civilization. According to a prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer, this civilization had great excellence in the fields of sculpture, pottery, weaving, jewelry, wood craft, and many more. Craftsmen of this era not only manufactured handicrafts to serve the local needs, but also sold these overseas.

Indian handicrafts

In the Maurya era, there was a significant development in the sculpture art. In this age, it is said that over 84000 “stupas” were manufactured, which have beautiful stone carving and relief work. During the Kushana period, jewelry, textile making, leather products, sculpture, metal handicrafts were the main products which have foreign influences and are manufactured according to local culture. Later, Gupta age has witnessed the rapid development in the field of handicrafts.

In the medieval period, different handicraft’s fields such as wood carving, metalworking, and jewelry making flourished. Later, Mughal introduced inlay work, carpet weaving, and glass engraving. Thus, the handicrafts in India have prospered in different eras according to erstwhile culture and technique.

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Types of Enamel Work Used in Metal Handicrafts in India


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Indian handicrafts are popular worldwide for their distinct work and used by many people for various purposes. Various proficient craftsmen use their skills to manufacture unique artworks from different materials such as wood, clay, metal, marble, stone, paper, and many more. Among the various artworks, the metal handicrafts in India are popular for their enamel work. That is why these have huge demand in both domestic and international markets. For their manufacturing, gold, silver, brass and copper are prominently used. This work is known to be one of the oldest Indian arts.

handicrafts in India
Enamel work is considered to be exquisite metal handicrafts in India. It is an art of coloring and ornamenting the outside of the metal by fusing it over various mineral objects. There are three forms of enameling followed. In the first one, the enamel is applied to surface. In the second form, a design is carved upon Indian Metal handicraft and then, transparent enamel is laid out in it. In the last one, decorative enamel is added to outlay or inlay. The first two are modern forms, whereas last form is the very old..

Indian handicrafts

The last form of enamel is available in two varieties, the cloisonné and the champlevé. In the cloisonné, a decorative pattern is selected and then, various thin strips of metal are twisted and rounded following this pattern. After that, these are soldered to the surface of metal handicrafts in India. During this process, miniature walls are formed, creating small cells between them. These cells are filled with enamel and fused. To add elegance, polishing is done. Champlevé form is opposite of cloisonné. Instead of forming cells, the metal surface is grooved to make channels and troughs which are separated by small edge. These are filled with enamel and fused. According to a prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer, Lucknow, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Varanasi are the famous cities for enamel work.

Well, these are some forms of enamel work which are prominently used for metal handicrafts in India.

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Meenakari – Popular Art of Handicrafts in Jaipur


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Handicrafts in India come in different varieties with unique carving and designs. There are different carving techniques found in each state, which are influenced by the local culture and availability of material. Among various Indian states, Rajasthan has a huge contribution in the prosperity of handcrafted items. It is not only known for its great architectural monuments, but also for its handicrafts manufactured by local artisans. These items have been popular among locals for a long time that is why one can explore a wide range of wonderful and colorful handicrafts. Among the various popular arts, Meenakari is huge popular and inseparable part of handicrafts in Jaipur.

handicrafts in JaipurMeenakari is a well renowned art of decorating metal handicrafts in Jaipur with wonderful colors which improve their beauty. This art was admitted by both Muslims and Hindus of this state who liked this in precious handicrafts and jewelry. In old time, gold was widely used in this art, but silver also came in trend later. Since gold is expensive, so copper has become popular. Later, other metals also came in trend. According to a prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer, this art was not much popular because it was generally used in Kundan Jewelry, but later it gained huge popularity when some people looked at its unique designs.

handicrafts in IndiaThere are different types of handicrafts in Jaipur found with different kinds of Meenakari works depending upon type of enamel. The enamel can be opaque, transparent, or translucent. In this art, there are engraved designs made on metal and then color is added to enhance beauty. Later, precious and semiprecious stones of different colors are enameled and then fused to the metal. According to a prominent handicrafts exporter in Jaipur, Raja Man Singh invited a Lahore based artisan who worked with local craftsmen to produce an amalgam named Meenakari. Products with this art are durable and can be used on a daily basis.

Meenakari art is also found in jewelry. Its products have eye-catching design which is why these are huge popular varieties of handicrafts in Jaipur.

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Work along Grain Pattern to Achieve Clean Cuts in Wood Craft

Artworks are loved by people around the world. These are also used for decoration of home and workplace to enhance charm of room. There are many variants of artworks found in the world and wood craft is one of these. It is widely used by many people and India is prominent country for its manufacturing. Wooden handicrafts made in India are famous worldwide for their aesthetic beauty and traditional look. These represent skills of local artisans and rich Indian traditions. Other than decoration items, craftsmen also manufacture various useful products.

Before starting working on wood craft, it is important to select right type of wood. One has to consider many aspects for this purpose. Every Indian handicraft manufacturer suggests considering grain as a significant aspect. Grain is alignment and appearance of wood fibers and it is easily visible at growth rings. Many suppliers use different types of wood depending upon grain. Basswood, Mahogany, Yellow Cedar, western white pine etcetera are some popular substances having distinct grain pattern.

Wood CraftGrain is always considered important in achieving clean and smooth wood carving cuts. It is always suggested to carve in direction of grain. While working on wood craft, if you feel resistance, it signifies that you are going against grain. When you keep going against grain, edge of it can lift or separate. Many handicrafts suppliers also prefer to work with grain. Doing not so will lead to tiredness, which can further lead to ripping of wood resulting in toothed surface. In this case, you will need to use sand paper for smoothing. If you are beginner, try to carve western white pine to learn working with grain.

Well, grain is a distinctive feature of wood, which is typical to work with. To again perfection in carving wood craft, you should be expert at reading and working with grain pattern.

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